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Individual Route Descriptions: 

18 Mile Route
Let’s start with the 18 mile race; This race is a great way to see if you like gravel races. The race consists of 10 miles of paved roads, 8 miles of gravel roads and 2 miles of hard packed seasonal roads. It is very flat with a couple of small rollers half-way and one small climb near the end. The total climbing for the 18 miles is less than 500 feet. A perfect race for the spouse or children while the family racer is out on a longer route.


40 Mile Route 
The next route is a 40 mile race.  The 40 mile race is a gravel race best suited for Cross bikes. The seasonal roads have been removed for this route. Expect lots of fast gravel mixed with some tough climbs. It is made up of 15 miles of paved roads, 23 miles of gravel roads and two miles of hard packed seasonal roads. You will get to climb Diablo’s Mountain along with Mount Bodawei from both directions. The total climbing is 2,200 feet.


60 Mile Route
The 60 mile race is for the person who wants a true challenge. You will get five monster climbs, lots of fast gravel roads, multiple sections of tough seasonal roads that have sand, mud and rocks and also a white knuckle descent. Whatever bike/tire you choose it will be the wrong choice at some point. This route will test your mental sanity. It includes 28 miles of gravel roads, 20 miles of paved roads and 12 miles of nasty seasonal roads. The 60 mile race also has a KOM contest with five monster climbs. The total climbing is 3,600 feet.


The route links and maps below reflect last years routes.  New ones will be posted in the spring.



Garmin 20 Mile Route

Garmin 45 Mile Route

Garmin 60 Mile Route


There will be well catered SAG stations every 12 miles along the route.