The Michigan Mountain Mayhem (MMM) is a series of cycling events held in Northern Michigan.  Although they do offer shorter routes so most everyone can enjoy them, any of the three will likely be the hardest ride you ever attempt.

The Spring Classic is the original MMM. It is almost always held on the second Saturday of June (The third Saturday in 2016) and is limited to 1,500 riders. It is a road bike event and is a timed challenge ride on the toughest terrain Michigan has to offer and will test you both mentally and physically. It is one of the most grueling and challenging rides you will ever participate in.

Four routes to choose from: a 50K teaser, a 100K metric century, a 160K, (100 mile century), and for those who dare… a 200K double metric with almost 10,000 feet of climbing!

The Beat the Heat Tour is a road bike event held on the first Saturday in August and is limited to 1000 riders.

The Beat the Heat Tour will have something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned racer looking for the ultimate challenge or a beginner looking for a casual easy safe ride with friends and family. The four hill challenge routes bounce you between the ridges and valleys that were formed by glaciers. Most of these hills climb between 100 – 500 feet and are very steep.  The two flat routes use a mix of bike paths and low traffic roads and follow the shorelines of Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan.

Six Routes to Choose from:

Two flat routes:  a 22 mile and a 40 mile, both of these loops are very flat and include many miles of scenic bike paths without cars.  Both are perfect rides for the family to do together.

There are also four all new hill challenge routes, which will test your endurance and sanity: a 50K teaser, a 100K metric century, a 160K (100 mile century), and for those who dare… a 200K double metric!

The Gravel Grinder will be a gravel road race like nothing you could have imagined. It will always be the first Saturday in October and is limited to 2000 riders.

You can expect a huge purse as well as some of the fastest racers in the Country.  Expect lots of fast gravel, some huge climbs, some seasonal roads with sandpits and a couple rocky descents.  All this mixed with the unpredictable fall weather makes for an extraordinary race.There will be a 20 mile, a 45 mile and a 60 mile race. The 20 mile race is very flat, but the 45 and 60 mile races will have long steep climbs, which will test your mental sanity.

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